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empowering PEOPLE in their cannabis journey

We created SweetGrass to provide quality THC products with expert, medical advice on how/when/why to use them.

Our story

a woman led, vertically integrated brand targetING an underserved market.

At Sweetgrass we know that you want to nourish your wellbeing with quality and pure cannabis products that come from reliable sources.

However, the challenge is that many dispensaries only care about making a profit. And therefore, the quality of their products, their sourcing and ultimately your health and well-being becomes secondary to them.

Their employees are often not adequately trained in product use. They lack knowledge to answer specific questions in order to help you make an informed personal decision.

We pride ourselves in providing the highest quality cannabis products accompanied by expert education that is second to none.

Visit SweetGrass today, so that you can start feeling better tomorrow.

We Strive to be in Many Markets

It's extremely important to us to grow fast, but steady and true to our core values & principles. Our end goal is to be accessible to patients around the world.

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Our values

Here's what's most important to our company

We created a brand that brings a modern health and wellness view with the company’s operations. We provide a fresh and compelling approach with a female touch to a predominately male driven industry.  


We use the highest quality products for your highest well being in mind.


Our Care Consultants are trained in Cannabinoid Medicine. Fulfilling your needs is most important to us.


We want everyone to feel welcome. You will leave feeling comfortable you chose the best products for you.

Our team

Meet our team

Here's our leadership team. We're growing quickly and opening new locations in 2023. Interested in partnering with us? Just send us an email.

Grover N. Street, RN
Sandra Guidry-Street, MD
Louis Tolentino
Ja-ne de Abreu
Creative Director
Kerry Bennett
Eddie Manolos
Senior Advisor
Renee Gagnon
Eric Shevin
Legal Advisor
Ken Ingber
Legal Advisor
Mariah Wells
VP Managing Partner
Blake Wells
VP Operations
Vivek Bajnath, RPh, MBA
Managing Partner
New Jersey

We're hiring!

Our team is growing fast and we’re always looking for innovative people.

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