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Elevate your wellness

A natural way to elevate your

Sweetgrass is the new and unique type of cannabis dispensary experience. We curate the highest quality products while also educating our customers how to use cannabis safely and responsibly in an all inclusive medspa environment.

Finally a dispensary with staff that knows their stuff

Tired of getting mediocre products for premium prices?

Frustrated with budtenders who don't really know their products?

Struggling to understand what products should you buy and why?

We only sell top quality and organically grown cannabis (with THC).

All of our products are laboratory tested—we work only with certified growers.

Our care consultants will help you choose the right products (based on your goals).

Cannabis can do miracles, if used the right way

There are countless benefits of using medicinal marijuana to heal your mind and body. Whether you’re treating some of the symptoms/illness listed below, or trying to avoid them altogether—we’ll help you choose the right products for your unique situation.


Cannabis reduces how long migraines last and how frequent and strong they are.

Chronic pain

Marijuana helps to relieve pain & inflammation (pain killer alternative).


Small doses of certain cannabis, oral or inhaled, may improve focus and lessens the distraction that is associated with this disorder.

Sleep disorder

Cannabis has been successfully used to treat a range of sleep disorders & insomnia.


Cancer patients use cannabis to help with pain, anxiety, & a sense of well-being.


Cannabis may help with reducing anxiety. It can improve the impacts that come from poor sleep & long-term prescription medication use.

Our experts are here for you

We have a team of consultants trained in cannabinoid medicine who are happy to help you pick the right product at the right price. Just see what our customers have to say.

“My migraines have gone away. The people at SweetGrass made me feel at home. Thanks.”

Karl W.

32, Mississippi

“I was hesitant to try marijuana, but I wanted a natural solution for my symptoms. I'm glad I came to SweetGrass. They made me feel good about my choices.”

Deborah D.

42, Mississippi

“I used to be up all night every night. I can sleep better now. Knowing qualified consultants helped me choose what is right for me made me comfortable. I'm always returning to SweetGrass.”

Maria T.

82, Mississippi

“I didn’t know where to start. I’m not a smoker, so that’s out the window, but there are so many edibles, tinctures and topicals—it was just overwhelming to choose from. Big thanks to Sweetgrass."

Melissa G.

48, Mississippi

“I am happy to have found the Care Consultant team at SweetGrass. Now my symptoms are so much better and I am feeling great!”

Sylvie D.

67, Mississippi

“SweetGrass is the best! I had anxiety and mood problems. They helped me find the best products to help me in the best environment. I didn't want to leave. I'll always return to them.”

Wesley R.

34, Mississippi

Our Story

Why Sweetgrass?

At Sweetgrass we know that you want to nourish your wellbeing with quality and pure cannabis products that come from reliable sources. In sourcing our products, we search for the highest quality and the purest, clean products.

Our Locations

Visit us at Edgewater Village to speak with our consultants. Our educated and experienced team will help you explore the right products for your individual needs.

Our Products

WIde RANGE OF products

We have everything from cannabis flower and vapes to edibles, tinctures, topicals and more. Find the right products based on your consumption needs and health goals.

You're just a step away from feeling better

get education

Learn about the variety of cannabis products and their uses.

Choose products

Our cre consultants will help you select the right products for you.

Live healthy

Get the most out of this wonderful plant medicine.


Learn about cannabis

Wondering where to begin? Visit the Sweetgrass blog and discover the power of cannabis, different products and best practices.

Cannabis 101

Marijuana: A brief History

Cannabis could be the first cultivated crop in the world. Humans may have used it for medicine for its fibers for 12,000 years. Find out more!

Cannabis Products & How To Use Them

Let’s explore the ways to consume cannabis. Before using any, it’s advisable to discuss your individual needs with a medical professional.
Cannabis 101

How to use Cannabis with Paraphernalia

There are quite a few ways to use cannabis.  We made a list of the most common types of marijuana paraphernalia and how to use them.

Elevate your wellness