Educate yourself on the power of cannabis

Learn everything cannabis. Here we describe the different products and best practices when it comes to cannabis treatments and use.

Cannabis 101

Marijuana: A brief History

Cannabis could be the first cultivated crop in the world. Humans may have used it for medicine for its fibers for 12,000 years. Find out more!

Cannabis Products & How To Use Them

Let’s explore the ways to consume cannabis. Before using any, it’s advisable to discuss your individual needs with a medical professional.
Cannabis 101

How to use Cannabis with Paraphernalia

There are quite a few ways to use cannabis.  We made a list of the most common types of marijuana paraphernalia and how to use them.

Cannabis is now in Mississippi - find out more.

Here, we have gathered many important “Need to Know Facts” just for you in Mississippi. Check it out and learn more here!

How To Get a Cannabis Card in Mississippi

Getting a cannabis card can be confusing. Here are the steps to break it down for you to easily get your card and start healing with plant medicine.
Cannabis 101

Therapeutic Effects of Cannabis

There’s so many ways this plant medicine can help people, let’s break it down to understand it better. Read more to discover!
Cannabis 101


Cannabis, like some other medications, has some side effects. At SweetGrass our priority is to ensure your safety when using this plant medicine.
Cannabis 101

Therapeutic Effects of Cannabinoids

Cannabis is not only remarkable in its wide margin of safety as a medication but also for the wide array of conditions, symptoms & illnesses
Cannabis 101


Cannabis can be safe & effective under guided use. And it's important to understand the potential impact it may have on the medications you take.

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